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Started in 1980’s with an idea that stemmed from a question; in a market consumed with shoes created for the masses, where were the shoes for the few? Harrytech London was created to bring shoes that were packed with attitude and life, shoes that said something about you as a person so if you wore them you were making an expression about your personality. Not only this, they were created with optimum comfort and styling as as the central focus to help protect and pamper your feet.

The shoes are crafted in Agra ,The City of Tajmahal, where shoemaking is the core art which is popular all around the world and is the manufacturing hub behind most exclusive brands being sold in the whole world .


With an expert and very dedicated, team of workers, and a production almost entirely done by hand, we are very proud to sign our products with the message “handmade with love, in India ”.


We believe in the values ​​of respect, non-violence and compassion towards animals, people and the environment and that’ the reason we are truly proud of ourselves being a manufacturer of Vegan Shoes .

Vegan shoes are made from raw materials that are easy to recycle, chrome-free, ecological, cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable from the point of view of the resources used. We Leverage our unique heritage to build a global and market-leading eco-ethical brand known as “Harrytech London “


  • Trust- Live by truth
  • Ethics – Do not harm
  • Innovation – Love the next
  • Responsibility – Be responsible
  • Teamwork – Together we can
  • Goals – Aim for the Best

We value our relationship with our customers to inspire change, without harm, and with complete respect for all forms of life by offering high-quality products, made from alternative materials, that have long lasting durability, we will show the world that you can be in fashion, without cruelty.