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Enjoy customised premium Harrytech London Footwear

Our custom footwear boasts comfort , fit , confidence and style personalised as per your needs.

On your demand we will draft a pair of Bespoke shoes that perfectly suits your feet and body’s physiognomy as well as your way of walking and also fulfils your expectations regarding the material, quality and style appearance. to achieve this, we would need your careful measurements of your feet during a personal appointment if you are nearby to us or if far away would need to carry out an in-depth online / telephonic consultation with you to jointly define your expectations for your new Bespoke shoe. All this data is then used to create a personalised last for you, which can also be used for any follow-up orders

With every detail considered, our artisans will begin the metamorphic process of turning naturally sourced materials into objects of ultimate refinement.

Taking measurements from the finished last, a pattern is made according to the specified style of the client. once perfected, the artisan cuts out the shapes from the selected vegan leather and then stitched to form the upper.

Long established associations with prominent suppliers across the world Bespoke atelier has the choice of pick of the finest vegan leather on the offer, allowing the client unparalleled choice and assured quality.

Find your feet components to suit your individuality. choices of gun metal, black, rose gold, gold and copper finishes are available on bows, buckles and other decorative components, providing you the opportunity for individual finesse and superior style.

Bespoke creations are expertly finished by the meticulous application of nourishing cream and wax to create the desired patina.

Once finished, they are securely enclosed in a box bearing Harrytech London mark , the embodiment of generations of experience and techniques and a celebration of devotion to the craft of the artisans.

Every Bespoke creation is a celebration of the intrinsic relationship between material, traditional handtools and the virtuosic skill of the maker.